Thursday, 19 March 2015

Music Festivals - English Practice for B1

The one and only Glastonbury Festival!

A greener Festival

What does Glastonbury festival need to do to become a green festival?

"We’re delighted to announce that Glastonbury has been Highly Commended in the A Greener Festival 2014 Awards, by the environmental campaign.
Festivals that apply for the scheme must prove to the judges that the festival has meaningful and effective environmental policies and practices to deal with traffic and transport, greenhouse gas emissions, waste and recycling, water conservation, noise pollution, ethical policies and environmental protection. The festivals should also have sustainable office policies. Each event is inspected by one or more independent environmental assessors. The festivals are also invited to provide supporting evidence such as environmental policies, waste management plans, analysis of CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions."

Try looking up the following words and phrases;
(Answers will be posted in two weeks from now)
Highly Commended

Environmental Campaign



Effective environmental Policies

Green house gas emissions

Waste and Recycling

Water Conservation

Noise pollution

Sustainable office policies


You would like to go to Glastonbury this summer...
Write a letter to a friend, asking him/her to join you...
Please include:

1. Tell them who is performing
 2. what they need to bring
 3. How you are going to get there and pay for the festival

Take a look at the website below, you can use this website to get the information you need;

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Lethal Frogs - B2 +

Lethal Frogs

Frogs fascinate me! They are truly fascinating creatures... And I would love to know more about them...

I found this recording on the BBC website, why don't you have a listen?

Zoologist Lucy Cooke shares her terrifying encounter with the Golden Poisonous Frog.

Now try to answer the questions...


Where does this creature live?

How many minutes does it take to kill you?

What does Lucy mean by a 'loaded gun'?

Where does the frog get it's lethal toxin from?


B2: Find out about another lethal creature and write an article about it. 150 words.

C1: Write an article about an encounter with a lethal creature, try to make it entertaining. 200 words