Sunday, 31 May 2009

Tuesday Evenings! A New Invasion Friendly Meeting Place!

From Tuesday, 16th June.....A new Meeting place for The Spanish Invasion!  

Every Tuesday night!!! 
Tuesday evenings is "Bangers & Mash Up!".  You can choose a type of sausage, mash and gravy from a large selection available, all for £5!  This is served from 5pm-9.30pm every Tuesday.  Also on presentation of your Spanish Invasion members card you can get happy hour prices all night This means Kronenbourg is £2.50, Fosters and Strongbow are £2.20, large glasses of house wine are £3.45 and a bottle is £9.75 and 3 for the price of 2 on Tuaca, Jagermeister and Sambucca (£4.60).   

The Sidewinder is a lively pub situated at the heart of Kemptown.  There are two large beer gardens, ideal for summertime, one of these gardens is heated and covered for when it's not warm or sunny!  The bar is licenced until 1am Sunday-Thursday, and 2am Friday and Saturday.  Food is served daily from 12pm-9.30pm, with an ever changing menu available, the food is always fresh and delicious.  On Sundays they serve their famous roasts, traditional favourites like beef, pork, lamb and chicken are available alongside more extravegant options such as pheasant, guineafowl, crocodile, kangaroo, ostrich and many more.  These change weekly so please phone for the specials this week. There are DJs every Friday and Saturday, and there are exclusive appearances from local live acts on Sundays, details of which can be found in the listings.

Monday, 25 May 2009

Invasion Friendly spots in Brighton

We all have our favourite spots... 
Somewhere to sit, somewhere to eat, somewhere to think, somewhere to read...
Friendly places in Brighton... there are many! These are some of our Invasion Friendly spots...

Riki Tik on Monday evenings...

Sidewinder on Tuesday evening...

Casablanca on Wednesday evenings...

Cornerstone on Thursday evenings...

Guarana Bar on a Saturday morning...

More Bar on Sunday evenings...

For more information about what we do and where we do it... 
Please contact



Friday, 8 May 2009

Super Heroes and The Spanish Invasion


Keep this date free in your diaries.... 
Sunday 17th May at 10:30 am (where Brighton meets Hove on the sea front)

1000 Super Heroes running along Brighton 

Lots of Water...

A Spanish Fiesta....

Lots of Music.....


If you would like more info please contact
We are aiming for a Guiness world record!


Sunday, 3 May 2009

Language exchange on a Saturday morning

Introducing Guarana Bar Language Exchange Mornings

Welcome to the one and only Guarana Bar, in the heart of the North laines. This is a tranquil meeting place for Invasion Friendly members to meet and exchange languages. Refresh yourself with a dynamic range of latin american fresh drinks and the best teas and coffees including mate tea. Always delectable cakes for sale homemade from Telscombe.
Invasion Friendly members will be meeting here every saturday morning from 10.30 am until 12 noon.

For more details visit:
36 Sydney Street, Brighton 
tel. 01273 621406
or e-mail.


Saturday, 2 May 2009

Our First Internet Cafe

Introducing Cafe Electronica

Internet, Internet, Internet, Internet, Internet,Internet,Internet,Internet,

Invasion Friendly welcomes Cafe Electronica on board!

Our very first internet cafe.... This place can be found on Trafalgar Street, Brighton.

If you mention to Rami that you are an 'Invasion Friendly' Member, he will offer you the following discounts...

If you purchase a 5 hr internet session, he will give you 2 hrs free of charge... these hours can be used at anytime!

10% discount on all laptop, mobile repairs and purchases....which amount to over £50.

Tea, coffee, juices, cakes.... are available too!


About Me

My photo


If you have read my blog and want to know more about me ... please read on!

Where are you from?

The short answer would be the south of England, but this is not strictly true.  I was born in Bahrain, and I've lived in Spain, Scotland and England.  When I worked for First Choice (Tour operator), I was sent to work in Almeria, Tenerife, Malaga, Corfu and Bulgaria! Then I moved to Brighton. I had a great time there and met some amazing people (you know who you are)! From there I moved to Alicante to become a teacher.  I got a better teaching position in Toledo with Cambridge English plus, there I spent my days correcting exams, teaching kids and Adults... and now I am residing in Ciudad Real with my life partner.

Why did you become an English teacher?

I've always liked the idea of teaching, but I figured it was a good idea to get some life experience before trying to teach. So, that's what I did! I have worked in tourism, insurance, marketing, health and safety, bars and restaurants! Work experience gives you heaps of anecdotes and stories to teach your students about real life!

Why did you decide to become self-employed?

Well, it was an easy decision, I wanted the freedom and flexibility to teach English through numerous activities, cooking, wine tasting, playing games, etc.  When you work in a school/academy/college you teach the same thing day in day out, students get bored of sitting down at a desk with a book open in front of them, having done this during school hours as well. Through experience I've learnt that it's easier to learn a language when you actually live it! Kids in Spain learn grammar at school, they know how the language works, but they don't get the opportunity to speak.

Why online classes?

I wanted to be able to teach other nationalities and maybe provide a service to people who can't leave their house, or live out in a small village where they don't have access to a language school. Teaching online is intense, it doesn't suit everyone, but the students I have are happy with the classes.

Are online classes better than in person?

If there is a good internet connection, and the student is keen to learn online, then it can be good, but I wouldn't say it was better than in person. Learning online is intense, you have to constantly pay attention, your teacher is able to provide you with visual aids, class notes, etc. You save money on petrol and you save time! When technology improves, it will be possible to join a group, which should be cheaper for you and give you the opportunity to meet other students from around the world!

How do you fill your time?

Well, I keep a blog for my students, the number of readers are increasing everyday, which is encouraging. I won't talk about politics, religion or any subject which may offend any nationality. It's purpose is to give students something to read, which may interest them. Helping them to learn new vocabulary and expressions. I also teach at a nursery in the mornings, and one evening a week I teach children and their parents together! This gives parents the opportunity to learn with their children, making it easier to practise at home. English can become part of your everyday lives!

My teenage group are new, and I love teaching them!

iFriendly Summer project:

Every year I look into summer camps and the options I have to teach during our long hot summers... I have to say there is quite a wide variety of summer camps here in Spain, United Kingdom and Ireland.  I have worked for the Junta de Andalucia and Combination Languages in the U.K.

I love Castilla La Mancha and I would rather stay and teach closer to home... I think I have found what I am looking for.  A stunning little village not 50 minutes from my City... Saceruela.

This year I intend to set up a summer camp for kids, aged 10 -16 from the local schools and academies. In 2016 / 17 I intend to attract students from the U.K and Ireland, those who want to learn Spanish, so that we can teach both languages together.  This will enable iFriendly to provide activities for both nationalities and give everyone the chance to learn from each other. A similar set up to my 'Invasion Friendly' project in Brighton, where Spanish speakers and English speakers got together every week to learn from each other in a social environment. This will also be available for adult learners, but on weekends throughout the year.

Invasion Friendly "To promote cultural integration and change. Give the word invasion new meaning. A safe way for travellers to learn languages."

Check out this stunning village

I teach English through wine tasting events in Ciudad Real, at Taberna Vinalia Check out our events on Facebook.

From April 2014 to December 2014, I worked on a Tourism project in Toledo, due to the long commute I no longer teach the course.

And last but not least, I teach English online!

For Skype English classes Contact Lisa Jane by email