Sunday, 20 May 2012

One side dish of Invasion Friendly coming up!!

It's now May 2012!! 

I can't believe all this time has gone by without so much as a little update!! Please accept my most sincerest apologies :(

To cut an incredibly long story short, I put Invasion Friendly down for a little siesta, whilst I set up my new life in Spain! 

In the mean time, the exchange meetings at the Cornerstone in Brighton, have gone from strength to strength!
All thanks to Eddie

We joined forces with Combination Languages, together with Eddie, Tom and Suzie, I am hoping to continue this venture, which I originally set out to create back in April 2009.

We started out as a language exchange group, and have grown!! We now have more than 600 members, who have either been to the Cornerstone events, or have heard about us through a rather 'fruitful' grapevine! 

I do miss my life in Brighton, but now that I am almost 35! I needed to live somewhere a little less 'party' orientated! Brighton is such a vibrant city (well, it can be most of the time), I was working as a Health & Safety assistant for the City college, which I don't think quite suited me ;) So, I decided to become an English teacher instead! So far, I believe that I have made the right choice!! Alicante is also a great place, the sun shines most days, which has turned me into an incredibly relaxed chica! 

In September 2012 I will be moving to Toledo (south of Madrid) in Castilla La Mancha! 

So, for now I will leave you with this... One side order of Invasion Friendly.... WATCH THIS SPACE! I promise to blog more often, as I embark on a new venture with a school in Toledo (More details to follow).

Hasta luego!! 

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