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How to make the perfect Risotto!

B1 + level - Intermediate

How to make a perfect Risotto... For two.

I have it on good authority, that I make a pretty good Risotto!

Before you start prepare a litre of chicken stock with boiling water, this is to add little by little to the risotto as you cook it.

First I pour in a glug of olive oil into the pan, with some finely chopped garlic approximately 3 cloves of garlic.

Then I add a cup of rice, coat the rice in olive oil and stir well to make sure all the rice has been coated. Then I add half a glass of cheap white wine and stir well until wine has almost evaporated.

Start adding the stock bit by bit, whilst constantly stirring on a high heat.

When you have used up all the stock, and the rice is 'al dente'. (this is when the rice is not quite done).

Take the risotto off the hob. Season with salt and black pepper.

Take a packet of grated cheese, preferably with a mix of 4 cheeses and add as much as you like to the risotto and stir.

Then add some Gorgonzola, and stir in. Don't let it melt completely, this way you will be able to taste the Gorgonzola cheese.

Dish out and add a dollop of mushroom pate and grate a generous amount of Parmesan cheese on top and serve.

A nice glass of chilled white wine would go nicely with this dish. I recommend a glass of Ruedo ( Spanish white wine).

Bon appetite!

What are your favourite recipes?
Why don't you try to describe a recipe in English?

Vocabulary - The relevant definition of words in the text.

stock; (noun) liquid made by cooking bones, meat, fish or vegetables slowly in water.

glug; (noun) an amount of liquid poured from a bottle.

chop; (verb) cut (something) into pieces with repeated sharp blows of an axe or knife.

coat; (verb) (cooking definition) to cover with a 'coating' can be wet or dry.

evaporate; (verb) turn from liquid to vapour

melt; (melt) make or become liquified by heating.

dollop; (noun) a large shapeless mass of something, especially soft food.

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