Saturday, 20 December 2014

English Christmas Food - B2+

Christmas day is just around the corner... 

If you would like to prepare an English dish for this special occasion, look no further!

Here are some of my favourite Christmas recipes;

Jamie Oliver is my favourite chef, I love this man! He has single handily changed British cooking, not just in your own kitchen but also our school food has been revamped as a result, swapping unhealthy cheap food, for good wholesome food at a low cost.

Gordon Ramsey, he's a dude... a little hot tempered, but he's a cool guy and surprisingly short too!
I saw him once, walking down the street in Brighton.
Feast your eyes on his cooking tips for Christmas day... The Pumpkin Soup looks scrumptious!


Mince pies... 'Sorry? Did you say mince? But isn't that meat from a cow?' Nope, mince pies are sweet and delicious!  I hope I will be able to find them in New Zealand, cause there aren't any in this town!

Take a look at this video...

Coming up next... Christmas Vocabulary!

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