Friday, 16 January 2015

iFriendly goes on a cruise and meets the Yellow eyed Penguins!

iFriendly tour of New Zealand continues...

We are two weeks into our iFriendly tour of New Zealand... only 5 more days to go! 

We are quite tired from all the driving... on average we drive for at least 3 to 5 hours a day. However, the scenery is  amazing...  I especially enjoy talking to the Kiwis a long the way (not the fruit, the money or the animal).  They are a friendly bunch...

Here are some photos from our Cruise on the Milford Sound... It should really be called Milford Fjord but by the time the English realised it was a Fjord, the name 'Sound' had already stuck!  

F.Y.O Fjords were formed by the melting glaciers and Sounds were formed as a result of earthquakes...

Here we have some Sea Lions chilling out on the rock... catching some rays (Sun rays).

Photo of the mountains surrounding the Sound.... No, its not a postcard!

A stunning waterfall pouring its water into the Sound

Now for the Yellow Eyed Penguin, which is the rarest and most anti-social Penguin in the world!

Here is some information about their breeding cycle... 
This is a tunnel leading to the Penguins... we had to keep quiet and stay hidden, so as not to disturb this rare Penguin chick...

Baby Penguin! They wait all day for their parents to come back with their Fish Chowder (a mixture of fish, squid and vomit!)


B1 Describe one of the photos in detail... What do you see? 70 words

B2 Compare two photos in detail... How do they differ?  What are the similarities... Were they taken in the same place? 150 - 200 words

C1 The Yellow-eyed Penguin organisation is funded by tours... Write about an endangered animal. Is there a privately funded organisation helping them?  How do they fund this organisation? 200-25 words


Anonymous said...

New Zealand really does look like a fabulous place to visit with children. It was great to meet you on your Australian travels and share a plane trip with you from Hamilton Island to Sydney. I look forward to reading about more of your adventures. I'm also now considering enrolling the kids in Spanish lessons after our conversation yesterday! Charmaine

Unknown said...

Hello Charmaine!
It was great to meet you too! I think its a great idea for your kids to learn Spanish... I am sure they will love it...
Keep in touch!