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Idioms which express love... B2+ (upper-intermediate)

Love idioms...  

When talking about love, we like to express our feelings... Love idioms can help us to express ourselves more!  Here are three very common love idioms...

Absence makes the heart grow fonder...

Have you ever been in a long distance relationship? Do you pine after that person whenever they are not around? It's natural to miss the person we love if they are with us, but absence for a large amount of time makes you think about them more, thus making your heart grow fonder.


Jane: "I haven't seen Alex for two months! I can't bare it any longer, I have to see him now!"

Mary: "awww...that's because, absence makes the heart grow fonder."

Lovey dovey

*Some sources state that this is an idiom, but it could also be defined as slang.

This idiom is used for couples who show everyone how much they are in love, usually by public displays of attention, kissing in public, etc.

Micheal: "Shaun and Irene are so lovey dovey all the time, I can't even talk to Shaun about football any more!"

Love is blind

This is a very common expression, we all can't help falling in love/ lust. But when the feeling disappears abruptly we all blame it on the fact that we were blinded by love!

Monica: "I can't believe I fell for that guy!  He's such an idiot!"

Paula: "What can I tell you... Love is blind!"


pine after; phrasal verb meaning to long for a person or to grieve for someone or something.

thus; (adverb), as a result or consequence of this.

What do these idioms mean in your language?

Please share your favourite love idioms...

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Unknown said...

Another favorite of mine is ... Love makes the world go round!
So I'm sending out love to all my family and friends xxx