Saturday, 22 November 2014

The puzzling world of idioms - Part 3. B2 +

Some more idioms and expressions which use food, but don't refer to food...


What are chips, exactly? Well, a chip can be an electronic chip which contains information, for example; My cat has had a chip inserted recently by the vet. Chips, can also be potato chips, or french fries (as the Americans like to call them). Wood chips are chips small bits of wood, especially ones that flake off when you cut into them.

A chip on your shoulder: Someone who has a bad attitude and is usually offended easily. Example; "I wouldn't ask Sandra to help out, she's got a real chip on her shoulder about about the whole event!"

As cheap as chips: Potato chips are usually cheap, except if you order them from an extremely classy restaurant! So, we use chips to refer to something cheap. Example; "The concert tickets were only two 'quid' each. That's as cheap as chips!"

Chip in: This means to contribute something, whether its money or some other kind of help. Example "We're thinking of getting a smart phone for John, would you mind chipping in 10 'quid'?"

A chip off the old block: To take after some one, but this refers more to boys who look like or act like their fathers.  Example "Michael is the 'spitting image' of his farther - That's true, he's a chip off the old block."


Classy; (adj) elegant, stylish.

quid;(noun) slang for pound sterling, referring to money.

spitting image; (noun) likeness, a double, a look alike.

Student exercises:

Why don't you look for some other expressions, that contain the word chip?

If you would like to practise using these idioms, why don't you think of some more example?

Write a letter to a friend, and use all four idioms in the letter.

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