Sunday, 22 February 2015

Expressions to describe being poor...Adult 18 +

Poor Expressions.... 

Ok, so it's still February... Christmas seems like it happened a year ago and miserable January is finally over... Thank goodness!  But February is still a nightmare, why? because our January salary was spent paying off Christmas.  

Here are some expressions to express how poor you are:

I am piss-poor; without money, broke. "I'm not going out tonight... I'll be piss-poor until payday."

I haven't got a pot to piss in; Before we had toilets we used to piss in a pot...
"I am so poor I can't even afford a pot to piss in!"

I am skint; A person who has no money, broke, poor. "I am so skint right now... Could you lend me a fiver?"


1. Find some more expressions/ slang that express being poor and practise using these expressions.

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