Friday, 27 February 2015

ifriendly lessson plan B2 +

ifriendly aims to:

"Provide you with an English lesson which will not only help you to learn English, but will also guide you into making the right career choices...
ifriendly will motivate you, challenge you and above all will not rip you off!! 
It does not have to cost a fortune to learn English!

Good teachers need their students to work at a their own pace, learn at their own rhythm... Homework should not be compulsory, but a way to learn faster".  Your ifriendly teacher ...Lisa Jane Grant

Here we will work together to make English accessible for everyone! Not just for those of you who are lucky enough to afford private tuition.

Lesson plan...

The history of film making:

Listen to the first 3 minutes of this BBC Radio 4 programme and answer the questions below;


*Remember: Don't worry if you can't understand every word!

1. How did the Lumiere Brothers frighten their live audience?

2. What do you think Penny means by the phrase "mind jumps"?

3. When and where was the very first film shot?

4. What does Penny claim was in the North of England in the early years of the 20th Century?

Now discuss a film you have enjoyed... could be a romance, a comedy or another action film. Talk about the location of the film.

Now watch a clip of your chosen film on Youtube, make some notes about the location it was made.

If you are in a group, discuss your ideas...

Creative Writing: C1+
Imagine you are a film maker; Write a short essay about a made up film and include; film title, story line and plot. Also think of a location you would like to visit in order to make this film. 200 words

Lumiere Brother's Arrival of the train

Good luck!

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