Tuesday, 19 May 2015

A running commentary

This is a fun way to practise using the Present Continuous:

First, watch the video and write a list of actions you see in the video.

For example: Chewing, walking, looking, watching, etc.

Next, watch the video again and describe what is happening?

Can all the verbs be used in the continuous form? Watch out, some verbs cannot!

Now, do the same with this next video:

Now that you have had some practice... 
Try describing the video to a friend (who has a higher level of English than you do) but don't let your friend see the video. 

After you have described the video, show it to your friend.

Ask them if your description was accurate or; if they could have done it better than you?

Take it in turns to describe the videos and have fun!

Loves Learning languages!

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