Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Recover your Confidence - C1

Class 1: Summer classes on Skype

For more information about skype classes send an email to lis.j.grant@gmail.com

C1 Reading & Speaking

Main article:

Want to look smart? Don’t say this.


Read the article out loud, underline the words you are not sure of.
Your teacher will make a note of the words you are mispronouncing, then practise these words with you.

Vocabulary builder: 
(make a note of the words you have learnt).

(make a list of words you need to practise).

Recycle the vocabulary you have learnt in the above text, by discussing the text with your teacher.
Your teacher will lead the discussion, by asking some questions.

Further reading:

A list of words we all get confused with:

Three different steps to build confidence:


Write about an event which has taken place recently, where you or someone you know have had their confidence knocked. Where the embarrassing situation take place? How did you or your friend overcome the embarrassment? Do you or your friend still think about it?

175 - 200 words.
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