Thursday, 18 September 2014

Cats - We love them, but do they love us? B2 + (Upper intermediate)

We love cats...

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There are quite a few articles in the press at the moment about cats, saying that we (people) stress them out, that we treat them like dogs, or we simply just irritate them.

First of all, no two cats are the same, sure they have the same instincts, but cats are individuals... After reading this article, I was worried that maybe I was stressing my cat out and that he was unhappy... but he seems happy even though I don't let him scratch the new sofa or jump off the balcony, he seems pretty content and purrs all the time.  Here is the article, have a read:

The message behind the article is not to expect too much from your cat!  We all know that cats are independent, so wouldn't their owners be independent people too? I certainly am!

Know the signs
I think most cat owners out there would agree, if your cat starts peeing everywhere, something is definitely up!

Rework the floor plan
Cats are very particular (not mine, he does his business wherever we put the tray down). You just have to accommodate them, they will soon tell you if they are unhappy. Focus on what they like to do; my cat loves helping me make the bed, its our morning ritual!  He loves ping pong balls, as they glide easily along the floor. I made him a toy out of a sock, which he takes everywhere! And he likes to suck on an old scarf of mine... Living in a flat can be difficult for a cat, as they have very little out door space, so make it comfortable for them. If you have two cats, I guess they would have to fight over their territory. I don't think you need to go as far as sectioning your house with cardboard boxes!! We don't need to fuel their "god complex".

Cats don't need pals

Well, I disagree with this one, some cats like the company of other cats or even dogs! And if you bring home a new kitten, then of course your cat will feel threatened. They do love you after all!

Lay off social media???
What?? And allow 

Having our cat around helps me to relax and because I work mostly from home, he's always there to keep me company and he makes me laugh everyday! I love our cat Bosco!

Questions for students

Tell us your cat stories...

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