Monday, 22 September 2014

How much money is swallowed up by our homes? (Upper-intermediate)

How much of your hard earned cash goes towards your home?

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Speaking as a person who has never lived in one house for more than 5 years as a child and as an adult even less (about 2 years).  I have thrown away or given away tonnes and tonnes of stuff! By stuff I'm referring to furniture, books, bits and bobs,  etc.  This is why I don't tend to spend a lot on these items, a comfortable pad is all that I require. I simply can't understand it when someone tells me that they can't afford to travel or even go out for a drink because their accommodation swallows up most of their wages!! Or that they can't move into a room because their wardrobe won't fit, even though they get on with the other tenants like a house on fire, only to move into a bigger room but find that your housemates are loony and you are miserable! (true story).

I read this article in the Guardian An English man's home is his prison, stating that even though you are considered rich, you are stuck in an expensive city, having to trek across it everyday, finding that you spend your evenings and weekends at home recovering! I don't know about you, but that's no way to live!

Why don't we spend less on our houses? Make our home comfortable enough for us to sleep, eat and relax and then spend the rest of our income on living our lives! The most I've spent on a piece of furniture was a table for 70 euros, which stops me from writing my blogs from my sofa, thus saving my back from inevitable pain!

Let's cut back the money we spend on our homes and spend it on enjoying our lives. I do know what its like, I am often tempted by the lure of a plasma screen television, or the latest ipad, or a high tech blender for my kitchen, but these items don't really improve our lives, they just eat up all our cash, so that we end up stuck at home... This just makes me sad.

Vocabulary builder

bits and bobs - Things.
swallows up - Phrasal verb meaning to make something disappear.
cut back - Phrasal verb meaning to reduce expenditure.
thus - (adv) in this or that manner or way.
eat up - Phrasal verb meaning to consume.
end up - Phrasal verb meaning to finally be in a particular place or situation.

Tip for students:

When learning phrasal verbs, why not list the phrases under the preposition.  The preposition often describes which direction the verb is moving.  Phrasal verbs with the same preposition often have a similar meaning. Listing the phrases in this order makes them easier to understand and learn.

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