Thursday, 11 September 2014

The wine tasting experience! - C1 +

Wine Tasting and Pairing in ValdepeƱas

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Highlights from our wine tasting experience!

 On Saturday 6th of September we went along to a wine tasting event in ValdepeƱas, Castilla-La-Mancha. This is one of the largest areas of Spain for producing wine... And boy! I was impressed.

For 18 € each, we were treated to 4 bottles of wine (between 4 people) and a large 'tapa' with each glass of wine. All the wines were exquisite, but we have our favourites, which we would like to share with you...

The event was hosted by Chato Grato ( and it was held at La Maquina in valdepeƱas town centre.  The wine was provided by the winery (bodega) Aruspide (

The presentation and explanation of the wine, was funny, entertaining and informative all at the same time! How he managed to keep us all in our seats for well over two hours, is beyond me... and a credit to him!

The first wine we tried was called Agora Lagrimas (tears), this was a young white wine, with a fruity aromatic intensity, leaving a smooth and crisp sensation in your mouth. (I've just ordered 6 bottles!) This wine was paired with Manchego cheese and 'Membrillo, this is quince jelly.

Our second favourite wine was the Agora Roble, red ruby in colour, with a touch of violet, aromas of oak and fruit. Once you've taken a sip, it leaves a lasting taste, which stays with you for a while. We tried this wine with Manchego cheese accompanied by a dollop of raspberry jam.  The food brought out the flavours in the wine, I would have to say that this was an ideal pairing. (Another 6 bottles please!)

There were two other wines with two dishes, all delicious!

I will definitely be attending another event!

Thank you to Chato Grato, La Maquina and Bodegas Aruspeda, for this delightful experience!

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